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Who are we?

Bakul Bagan Records was created in 2008 by Sunday Driver musician and manager James (Joel) Clayton.

The label ensures the succesful distribution of Sunday Driver’s material via physical and digital means. It works in partnership with Artists Without a Label (AWAL) for digital distribution.

Kat Arney from Sunday DriverAlthough managed by Joel, the label is staffed by members of Sunday Driver.

Tasks such as physical distribution, research, form filling, human resources (arranging band practices for seven people!) and other admin tasks are handled by Kat Arney (left) – the only member of the band that can spell and count.

Kat tends to keep herself fairly busy with various quests for world domination, and also plays in future-pop band Talk in Colour.

Simon Richardson (right, with pizza) is the man with the books and the excel spreadsheets. He likes pizza (with egg and Chili), playing degraded jazz and touring with Sunday Driver.

He also spends his time confusing lesser beings with his fantastic ‘cake metal’ outfit Thirteen – signed to our close friends Milky Bomb Records.

Over the last few years Joel has liased with many different agents, organisations and resources across the world to see Sunday Driver’s following grow from a handful of local fans to a passionate mob of thousands that span the globe. In 2011 the mob shouted and stamped so loudly that Sunday Driver toured the US and Germany and all over the UK . These shows and tours were arranged solely by Bakul Bagan Records.

Joel also created and owns the volunteer-led social network He likes drinking tea whilst travelling and is a surrogate member of the Seattle music fraternity.

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